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Graha Ketu’s Idol

A 3D digital idol of Graha Ketu, known as ‘Moksha Karaka,’ the bestower of spiritual growth and self-realisation, will be modelled. Ketu represents the pursuit of liberation and enlightenment.

Shani Dev’s Idol

A 3D digital idol of Shani Dev, revered as ‘Karma Karaka’ and responsible for maintaining karma and justice, will be modelled. He imparts life lessons through trials and tribulations.

Shukra Dev’s Idol

A carefully crafted 3D digital idol of Shukra Dev will embody His blessings of charisma, artistic expression, and harmonious relationships.

Budha Dev’s Idol

A captivating 3D digital idol of Budha Dev will be brought to life, embodying His divine gifts of intellect and the art of persuasive communication.

Brihaspati Dev’s Idol

A 3D digital idol of Brihaspati Dev, known for nurturing faith, optimism, and reliance on higher powers, will be meticulously crafted. This idol will be a powerful symbol, opening hearts and minds, inviting grace, and inspiring personal growth.

Mangal Dev’s Idol

A 3D digital idol of Mangal Dev, intricately capturing his essence as the bestower of courage and willpower, will be meticulously crafted to honor his sacred attributes.

Chandra Dev’s Idol

An intricately detailed 3D digital idol of Chandra Dev will be meticulously crafted to embody his divine motherly qualities – nurturing all life on earth.

Surya Dev’s Idol

A realistic 3D digital idol of Lord Surya, the ‘Atma Karaka,’ who guides the soul, will be meticulously crafted to embody his divine presence. In astrology, the Sun is represented as the father.


Each Shikhara is crowned with an Amalaka, a segmented stone disk with ridges on the rim.


Each temple will have a Purna-Kalasha, a symbol of abundance and “source of life” in the Vedas. It is preeminently a Vedic motif known from the time of Rigveda.


In keeping with the revered Vedic tradition, each temple will feature a splendid marble Shikhara/Vimana (tower/ spire) adorned with gold.


A magnificent red asanam (carpet) adorned with exquisite gold embroidery will grace the divine idols of Navagraha. A talented 3D modeller will skillfully craft this stunning creation.


The meticulous modeling of the temple’s exteriors and interiors will skillfully preserve and showcase the intricate gold inlay, magnifying its breathtaking beauty.


In adherence to Vedic tradition, every temple will be graced with a Dhvaja (flag). Symbolically, this flag represents a devotee’s pursuit to conquer ego and transcend the lower aspects of human nature, seeking divine guidance.

Sanctum Sanctorum

Carved out of pristine white marble pillars, the Sanctum Sanctorum will be meticulously crafted, adorned with intricate gold inlays. Each delicate detail will come to life through the expertise of a skilled 3D modeller, utilising state-of-the-art technology.

Temple Exterior

The exterior of this sacred Navagraha Temple will be composed of a Maha Mandapa and a Mandapa (Pillared Hall), complemented by two serene ponds and a celestial garden, creating a divine ambience for devotees.


A series of Prakarams (corridors) will gracefully encircle the nine temples brought to life by a skilled Artist.


A beautiful Gopuram/ Entrance Gateway of the Navagraha temple will invite people from all walks of life to worship Navagrahas according to Vedic Traditions.

Ardha Mandapa

According to the Sthapatya Shilpa Shastras, every Hindu temple has an entrance porch called as Ardha Mandapas. We aim to recreate this experience digitally.

Marble Slabs

The magnificent Navagraha Temple will be meticulously crafted using pure white marble. Details of the digital temple will be faithfully replicated through advanced 3D modelling, capturing the essence of its splendour.