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भक्ति की गूँज, देश का गान
हर यज्ञ में राम का नाम।


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Let Us Welcome Lord Sri Ram with 18 Lakh Yagyas


As Ayodhya welcomes Lord Sri Ram, be part of this historic occasion. Join us in offering 18 Lakh Yagnas at Ayodhya's digital temple on the Sadhana App.

Immerse yourself in the virtual grandeur, Ayodhya, the birthplace of Lord Rama, holds a profound place in Sanatana Dharma. A sanctuary for those looking for refuge, its digital doors are open for all, mirroring the inclusive spirit of this sacred city.

श्री राम के स्वागत में, आपका योगदान है अहम, चलो साथ मिलकर करें यज्ञ समर्पण!

How to Participate

18 Lakh Yagyas begin from 15th Dec 2023 - 22nd Jan 2023


Contribute Your Yagya

Use the Sadhana App for your Yagya. Daily or a 21-day sankalpa—every Yagya counts.


Nurture Dharma

Reconnect with Vedic roots through technology. Preserve and nurture our spiritual heritage with each Yagya.


Reclaim Heritage

Revive India's rich legacy. Each Yagya is a tribute to our history and cultural depth.


Be Recognised

Complete the 21-day streak and receive a certificate. Registration required!

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We'll guide you through the process and provide updates via our Telegram group and email.

Not sure how to start? Watch our video guide on accessing the Sadhana App.

Track Our Collective Progress


Time Left 52 Days - Official opening of Ayodhya Temple


Each Yagya lights a lamp of unity and faith. Be a part of this historic movement.

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People from all walks of life are benefitting from Sadhana App

The most amazing aspect is that it does not require any physical ingredients to perform Sadhana. The immersive experience is enhanced due to the amazing 3-D graphics. I have been an avid user of the app since its launch.

Deepak Nair

Aveva, Australia

Sadhana App has provided me an opportunity, that I don't miss out on my prayers on any day, even when I am travelling. This ensures that later I don’t feel guilty of missing my daily practice.

Ravi Trivedi

Indian Administrative Fellowship, India

It has made me deeply aware of it’s ancient wisdom, brought peace and tranquility in my life and also helped me become a more focused and calmer person.

Vani Sud

Vedantu, India

Be Part of History

Every action counts.
Play your part in this grand celebration of culture and spirituality.
We have set the stage; now it's your turn to make history.

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Discover Our Mission and Journey

The Vedic Sadhana Foundation, an 80-G certified non-profit, is dedicated to reviving the Vedic way of life. Through the Sadhana App, we're making ancient and authentic Vedic wisdom accessible in the modern era. Learn and practice guided Vedic rituals, expand your consciousness, and connect with the profound insights of sages, seers, and ancestors. Join us in this transformative journey.


Dharma protects its protector

Vedic Sadhana Foundation is a non-profit organization established in the service of humanity

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