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Lord Shiva

नंदीकेसा महाभागा, शिव ध्यान परायणा।

गौरीशंकर सेवार्थम् अनुगणं दतुमर्हसि ।।

Oh Nandi Deva, the Lord of all bulls.

The One who is always meditating on Shiva.

Please allow me to worship Lord Shankara with his consort Gowri.

Nandi Deva is Shiva’s foremost and ardent devotee. It is said that when Shiva is in meditation, Nandi is his dwarapala, his gatekeeper. Shiva has blessed Nandi with the ability to ensure that anyone who approaches Shiva through him will always be listened to. Prayers to Lord Shiva are incomplete without going through Nandi.

Cherish the eternal bond of Mahadev and Nandi Deva with Sadhana app

All you have to do

1. Tap on Nandi on Siddhashrama on Sadhana app.

2. Type out your deepest desires and prayers.

3. Perform Rudra Abhishekam to invoke Lord Shiva's grace.

With Sadhana app, you can tap into the meditative calmness of Kailasha anytime, anywhere.

This Mahashivratri, deepen your bond with Lord Shiva and be a part of the world and yet above it.

Join Nandi Deva in Sadhana this Mahashivaratri

Take me to Nandi

Did you know Lord Ganesha too whispered his prayer in the ears of Nandi to reach Shiva?

Lord Shiva, the benevolent Bholenath, is known to be in a deep state of meditation always. Once Lord Shiva was meditating and alongside was Goddess Parvati. The ever devoted Nandi sat at the feet of Lord Shiva deeply absorbed in meditative union with his lord.

Lord Shiva was in such Samadhi that he didn't realize that Jalandhar had abducted Goddess Parvati.

Scared of disturbing Mahadev’s meditation, the Devas did not know how to communicate this to him, Lord Ganesha tried his best but could not get the message across to Mahadev either. It was then that the wise Ganesha whispered about the incident in Nandi's ear. The message reached Lord Shiva and he came out of his deep meditation at once.

Since then, it became customary at Shiva temples to whisper prayers into Nandi's ears.

This Mahashivaratri, Lord Nandi joyfully invites you to commune with Lord Shiva. He has arrived on the Sadhana App and taking your prayers to Lord Shiva. Let’s join him as he sits in front Mahadev, guarding the portal of Shiva’s realms as His steadfast Vahan, closest accomplice, and staunch devotee.

The ever watchful, alert and receptive Lord Nandikeshvara awaits!

C’mon, Let us do Sadhana and offer our deepest loving gratitude, desires, prayers, wishes, love and devotion to the ever merciful Lord Shiva. And just like you have rejoiced in offering your obeisance and prayers to Lord Shiva, invite your friends and family to experience the same.

Har Har Mahadev!

Take me to Nandi

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