ॐ नमश्चण्डिकायै ॥
॥ Om Namashchandikaye

This Chaitra Navaratri, invoke Adi Shakti for courage, strength and victory

A 9-night immersive experience of Devi’s energy with NavDurga Sadhana*

Mar 22nd to 31st, 2023

*No initiation required

Yes, I want to become a Yájamāna

ॐ नमश्चण्डिकायै ॥
॥ Om Namashchandikaye

This Chaitra Navaratri,
invoke Adi Shakti for courage, strength and victory

A 9-night immersive experience of Devi’s energy with NavDurga Sadhana*

Mar 22nd to 31st, 2023

*No initiation required

Yes, I want to become a Yájamāna

Avail this rare opportunity to invoke Ma Durga and benefit for this lifetime and beyond

Worship Devi this Navarātri and experience joy, freedom and ecstasy in every breath

Japa to protect you

Evening Japa of awakened mantras of the nine forms of Ma Durga

Yagya to kindle courage

Morning Yagya done virtually in-step with the physical one by Om Swamiji

Prasadam for grace and victory

Yájamānas will receive prasadam and holy ash from the physical Yagya

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Everything about this powerful Sadhana of courage, strength and victory

An immersive Sadhana that can be performed virtually with revered monk Om Swamiji

Ma Durga in her ten-armed form represents absolute power, the energy that makes the world go-round.
She is the Universal Mother, the Moola Prakriti, the primal awareness and the very essence of existence.

During the nine days of seasonal change from spring to summer in the month of Chaitra, the divine form of Ma comes closer to the earthly realm. 

Our sages called this time as Navarātris, the nine nights which represent an evolution of the human consciousness. Each of these nine nights are worshipped for a different attribute of Mother Goddess. 

By worshipping the nine forms of Ma Durga, we invoke courage, strength and self-discipline and conquer the inner demons like fear, rage, depression, anxiety and purify ourselves.

The Japa and Yagya performed during this NavDurga Sadhana bring a subtle yet deeper shift within our consciousness. 

It builds resilience within us to overcome the vagaries of life. We become harmonious with the Universe. 

The NavDurga Sadhana on Sadhana app is one of the most esoteric and powerful Sadhanas for Devi that comes from the foremost upāsakas of Devi.

Revered monk Om Swamiji is an accomplished Devi Upasaka and has been doing mantra sadhana since the age of 11. Having spent more than 15,000 hours in meditation, He has simplified this ancient process for current times so that people can benefit from this transformational Sadhana.

With Sadhana app, now you can perform the manasic Yagya alongside the physical Yagya led by Swami ji. It’s a unique immersive experience that leads you closer to Ma Jagadamba, the Universal Mother.
This potent Sadhana can be done remotely from anywhere while you are on the go.

We invite you to join us in this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and become a Yajamanā of this powerful Sadhana.

It’s a Sadhana that brings Ma Durga’s grace and grandeur into our lives as an exuberant expression of Herself. 

Take charge this Navarātri and start your journey towards courage, strength and victory with this powerful Sadhana.

Bask in the grace of Ma Durga as you invoke her for courage, strength and victory

Yes, I want to become a Yájamāna

What is Sadhana App?

Sadhana is the world’s first app for do-it-yourself manasic rituals like Yagya, Abhishekam, Japa, Nitya Puja and Sadhana.

Committed to reviving the Sanatana Dharma, Sadhana App is a pioneer, bringing breakthrough innovation and bridging the gap between the ancient Vedic way of life and the fast-paced needs of the modern era.

Sadhana is not just an app. It’s an entire ancient world in your hands so you may reap the immeasurable rewards of the Sadhana done by our sages, seers and ancestors.


Create your own altar of stunning deities as you invoke divinity

I am truly, the supreme Parabrahman. I emanate this world, composed of Prakriti and Purusha.

I am of the form of all the elements this world is made of like air, water, earth etc. as well as the non-elements. I am the entire visible world.

I am the Shoonya (nothingness) and beyond the Shoonya!

II Devi Atharvashirsham II

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Be a part of Sadhana community, learn the esoteric stories of Sanatana Dharma and deepen your spiritual practice.

Who is behind Sadhana App?

Om Swamiji is an unconventional monk who renounced his multi-million dollar enterprise in search of his truth. Determined to meditate his way to the truth, he spent thirteen months in caves and woods, in snow and wild, in austere and terrifying conditions. 

What went in with a spark, came out like a wildfire.

Swamiji has devoted 15,000 hours to meditation and has the ability to bring his brain to a perfect standstill with the sheer force of concentration. 

Through Vedic Sadhana Foundation, an NGO, Swami ji has gifted Sadhana app to the world in the service of Sanatana Dharma. 

Our mission is to revive the beauty of Sanatana Dharma and pass on its glory to the next generation as a gift from the ancient sages of BharatVarsha.

Below are the organisations where the Sadhana
team has worked in the past

People from all walks of life are benefitting from Sadhana App

The Sadhana app is that generational opportunity to allow the youth, in particular, to embrace where they have come from, in a form factor that resonates and appeals to them.

Kunal Lunawat Agya Ventures, US

Sadhana helps me understand the rituals and I enjoy being a little priest myself, plus I love the frequent notifications. They keep me up-to-date with all Hindu festivals, it's a boon for someone living in the UK.

Komal Ramlagun Navitas Cambridge, UK

Sadhana App has provided me an opportunity, that I don't miss out on my prayers on any day, even when I am travelling. This ensures that later I don’t feel guilty of missing my daily practice.

Ravi Trivedi Indian Administrative Fellowship, India

It has made me deeply aware of it’s ancient wisdom, brought peace and tranquility in my life and also helped me become a more focused and calmer person.

Vani Sud Vedantu, India

The most amazing aspect is that it does not require any physical ingredients to perform Sadhana. The immersive experience is enhanced due to the amazing 3-D graphics. I have been an avid user of the app since its launch.

Deepak Nair Aveva, Australia

Invoke Adi Shakti for courage, strength and victory

Yes, I want to become a Yájamāna

The questions you might have for NavDurga Sadhana

Yes, you can perform the NavDurga Sadhana independent of any priest with greater devotion and less distraction. Doing it independently deepens our relationship with Mother Goddess, thereby leading to higher spiritual consciousness, stronger intuition and greater well-being. Sadhana app guides this powerful Sadhana as they were ordained in the Vedas. 

The word Yájamāna literally means a patron or an institutor. In the Vedic culture, when anything auspicious is done, there are usually many beneficiaries including the customers, organisers and service providers, but there are only a few stakeholders. Being a Yájamāna is akin to being a stakeholder.

Those who have chosen to be a Yájamāna, will be able to perform the most powerful yagna with the revered monk Om Swami, in-step, alongside or at their convenience;

As beneficiaries, Yájamānas will also receive prasadam and holy ash from the entire duration of the Sadhana delivered at their homes.

There are two parts of this sadhana: morning and evening. 

The Sadhana starts from the evening of Mar 22nd with Japa or mantra chanting. You will need to set aside ~30-40 minutes in the evening for the day-wise mantra chanting. The Yagyas are to be done in the morning at 5:30AM IST.  This would take approx. 45 minutes. The final Yagya would be on the morning of Mar 31st. 

You have an option to do the manasic Yagya in-step with the offline Yagya performed by Devi Upāsaka and our founder, revered monk Om Swami ji at Sri Badrika Ashram, Himachal Pradesh, India.

If you are staying outside of India, you can also do the evening mantra chanting and morning Yagya as per the local timings or panchang.  

All you need is devotion towards Mother Goddess to perform the Sadhana. No ingredients are required. You can do the entire pooja mentally with the Sadhana app.

Everyone irrespective of caste, creed, gender, nationality, who feels a pull towards the beautiful Sanatana Dharma, to the Vedic glory of our ancestors and to the Divine Feminine, the glorious Mother Goddess can use the app and perform the Sadhana.

Sadhana is your relationship with the Divine. So, you are welcome to do sadhana even if you have never been initiated, follow some other guru, or don’t follow anyone. The aim is to feel close to the Divine with our without a guru’s help.

The offering or contribution is Rs. 7500 for Indian nationals and USD 199 for foreign nationals. There is an additional shipping cost for Prasadam and holy ash of Rs. 300 within India and $30 for people outside India.

Yes, we will mail you a packet of Prasadam and holy ash from the havan-kund of Swami ji.

A Sadhana to Devi is always rewarded

Your prayers to Mother Goddess never go unanswered. For She is your mother across all births. 

All you have to do is summon Ma with devotion. Summon Her with conviction like a child calls upon her mother.

This Chaitra Navarātri, invoke Ma for courage, strength and victory.

Yes, I want to become a Yájamāna

© Vedic Sadhana Foundation 2023

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