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Sadhana App

Based on my three decades of sadhana experience, I have created an entire world of Sadhana for you. It's interactive, immersive and mesmerizing.

You can do any of the five rituals anytime in the app:

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Sadhana App

the making

In the material world, the cost of constructing a small physical temple out there and the cost of building a digital temple in the Sadhana app is nearly the same.

The virtual world of Sadhana has been built at a cost exceeding US$1.3 million. Ninety percent of which I have funded through my personal entrepreneurial endeavors.

Working day and night over the last 22 months, I've brought it as far as I could. Now join me in taking it further.

a story for another time...

This is not charity but shared responsibility.

Sculpting a 3D model of the temple and deity, and optimizing it for mobile devices, for example, costs more than hiring a sculptor to build a real-life idol in the physical world.

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Time to Step up

To maintain the app, we don't require your support per se as we are confident that voluntary contributions in the app over a period of time should cover that, but to do the first round of enhancements and additional features, we need US$970,000. The breakdown is as follows:

In case you wish to pledge $15,000 or more, you can write to us at

Each one of us has a role to play, I hope you will do your bit.

I've done mine.

and participate

Sri Chakra Nagar


Temple Upkeep and Enhancements


I would like to build and make freely accessible the entire Sri Vidya sadhana for everyone. Complete with chintamani-griha and the fifteen companion energies of Divine Mother.

To keep the lights on so to speak and to pay the salaries of the core team so we can roll out some amazing new features as planned, we need 220k over the next 12 months.

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If we don't revive the Vedas, they will perish one day.

There will remain no Bhagavad Gita, no seekers and no practitioners.

Don't believe me?

Watch this 2-min video on the dwindling foundations and shrinking footprint of Sanatana Dharma.

Feel free to do nothing if you feel nothing.

The Vedic ideology is not a few thousand but a mere few hundred years away from extinction.

Thank you for your time and attention